Sunday, November 20, 2011

StoCoat Lotusan

StoCorp picked up on the cleaning-power of a lotus—a plant with a unique hydrophobic microstructure that forces water droplets to bead and roll off its leaves—to improve the lifespan of numerous hard-to-clean materials such as stucco, concrete and other exterior wall finishes. The company’s Solit Lotusan exterior coating paint, with its patented “Lotus Effect” has super-hydrophobic properties and miniscule peaks and valleys on the its surface, making it highly resistant to water, dirt, mold, mildew, chalk and even UV rays. Stolit Lotusan paint can help surfaces stay dry and clean, and could help decrease maintenance cleaning and water costs for building owners.
The StoCorp’s “Lotus Effect” coating, coined by botanist Dr. Wilhelm Barthlott, was introduced into the European market in 1999 and has now been applied to more than 300 million square feet of façade surfaces. Available in more than 38 colors and custom tints, Stolit Lotusan can be used to coat over prepared vertical concrete, masonry or plaster substrates. More info: