Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dyesol solar cells

Dye Solar Cell
Using a dye similar to the chlorophyll found in green leaves, the Dye Solar Cell (DSC) prototype by Dyesol departs from the more traditional silicon-based solar cells by working to mimic the photosynthetic processes of plants. Dyesol’s technology creates an artificial photosynthetic process by inducing a charge between a titanium dioxide semiconductor and an electrolyte solution. Then it builds the technology into small tiles that compose panels, which can be installed anywhere that might accommodate the conventional photovoltaic panels. Dyesol argues that the DSC is a sustainable answer to the commonly used silicon-based solar cells, which require large amounts of energy to produce.
The Australia-based company has a working prototype and is aiming to license its technology. It reported in June 2009 that it received an order for more than $788,500 of Dye Solar Cells to a subsidiary of Malaysia-based Petronas, a Fortune Global 500 company. Dyesol also sells the photosynthetic dyes and other components on its Web site. More info: